peripheral acts

A series of prints exploring the potential for variation within acts of print making. Across thirty prints, the changeable formations of moiré patterning attends to the repeated overlaying of ink-coated scrim. The colours and tones shift as ink levels build and ebb throughout the print process. At the heart of this act, the printmaker presents as another variable, one which pushes, presses, and persuades her chosen media into coalescence, while the solid form of the printing press resists, pushes back, and makes its own mark on the emergent prints.

Veiled in the lightness of Japanese papers and the open weave of the scrim, the awkwardness of placing the soft and fluid fabric over the surface of the printing press, made sticky by the applied layers of ink, goes unseen. The scrim is weighed down, becoming tacky as more and more ink saturates its fibres, dragging as it is laid across another freshly rolled out layer of ink. It resists the plucking fingers of the printmaker as she attempts to manipulate it into alignment. Fingers which, with each rearranging pull, accumulate smears of the chosen ink, gradually becoming more ink than skin.

Images 2,4,9,10,11,12 by Sinéad Kempley. 
25th-27th October 2023