A mingling of scrim, ink, printmaker, and press. Untitled (tweezing in CMY/MYC/YCM) comprises three photographs taken during the making of Warping (CMYKCMYK). The four prints explore the generative quality of disturbance within print practices, presenting it as an opportunity for expansion and ground for new perspectives amongst processes which can, at times, seem impenetrable in their technicality. Here, interference comes in the form of a thread, worked loose from a piece of scrim and caught in a newly rolled layer of ink; moiré patterning emerging from the fabrics misaligned weave in each printed layer; and physical mechanical details of the press itself, such as its circular paper clamps. Such interruptions give room for pause, providing windows for reflection through which one is able to question the potential of the tools and processes at hand, what they do, and what else they could do. 
February 2023